The stage director Natalia Ilyinichna Sats was in her own way a unique figure in the theatre world who founded the first children musical theatre in the world. Today, when she is already no more, the theatre continues its existence and functions actively on behalf of her, observing and strengthening traditions laid by N.I.Sats, gaining more and more generations of spectators, participators and followers. That?s why are the invaluable historic pictures made by the photo-artist Leonid Lazarev in co-authorship with Anatoliy Samokhin in the period from 1984 till 1984, while working and cooperating with N. I. Sats in her theatre doubly interesting.

The album containing more than 80 picked-out photos will include the frames made during performances and rehearsals, specially set compositions with the use of luminous effects, wide-angle and long-focal-length optics, angle shot and other expressive methods and tricks from the photo-artist?s arsenal redoubling visual perception of art moments depicted by N.I.Sats, the producer, philosopher and organizer. The album will represent numerous portraits of N.I.Sats made by L.N.Lazarev with the method of «candid camera» during her work at the stage, on the rehearsals with children, actors, musicians, artists, decorators, sceneshifters and other participants of performances, in her office, etc.

The vivid remembrance about the splendid stage director, organizer and public figure of N.I.Sats depicted in the Lazarev?s frames made an important contribution to the native and world theatre science. The album-book will be provided with the author?s explanations and commentaries.