Black-and-White photo
Calendars shooting
About author

Leonid Lazarev has a very rare talent of photographer — realist. In each and every of his photos, which he chooses to be shown to the public we can find something more than just a photo. It is his own vision of things, people, etc. It is his vision that brings new colours to his photos, makes us look at the usual things on a different angle. Every time making another picture he adds to it a piece of his soul, of his mind, of his feelings.

But only when he started to work as a free artist, he truly revealed his talent. It is now up to him what to shoot, where to shoot and most important how to shoot. And thanks to the fact he works for himself now we can enjoy the real masterpieces of photo art, like «The Flying Women», «Still Life», «Moscow» etc.

V. Blumfeld — journalist.